Oak Barrel Aging

We now have “ten kit” , "five kit", "two kit" and "one kit" oak barrels for aging your wines. 

Oak Barrel Aging Opportunities


New “five and one kit” Hungarian oak barrels


Along with our large “ten kit” oak barrels which take three months for aging wine and “two kit”oak barrels for aging your wine in just two weeks, we now have new “five kit” and “one kit” Hungarian oak barrels which take respectively one month and 10 days for aging wine.


It’s the higher relative surface area that allows for the much faster aging of wines in the smaller barrels. Also you won’t have to wait as long as for the “ten kit” barrels to be fully subscribed before the wine can be put on. The cost of aging for either size of barrel remains the same; the choice is yours.


Current “no cost (a $25 plus tax value) five kit” oak barrel spots
Wine Type Expected start date Number of spots available
Chilean Malbec Shriaz – Selection International with Grape Skins Sept. 15   X
Australian Petite Verdot – Selection International with Grape Skins Sept. 22   X X X
California Petit Sirah/Zinfandel -Ltd Edition 2011 Sept. 15   X
Spanish Matador Trio Red

-Ltd. Edition 2011

Sept. 22   X X X X


Advantages of Oak Barrel Aging


Wine resting in the barrel goes through subtle chemical changes increases the complexity of the wine and softens of the harsher tannins and flavours present at the end of fermentation.


Oak barrel aging does two things:


First, it allows a very slow introduction of oxygen into the wine. The gradual oxidation of wine results in decreased astringency and increased color and stability. It also evolves the fruit aromas to more complex ones.

Second, it imparts the character of the wood into the wine. Oak wood has a natural occurring array of complex chemical compounds which contribute flavour or textural notes to wines such as vanilla flavours, sweet and toasty aromas, notes of tea and tobacco. The overall structural complexity of the wine also increases as the oak tannins combine and balance the tannins from the fruit.

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